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Anna van der Aa

People Rock Innovation!

I'm Anna van der Aa. I believe people rock innovation!

My passion for people and technology comes from many years spent working with clients using complex B2B software for managing Intellectual Property.

My broad experience covers client consulting and product design, user experience research, engineering, development, and training of this highly configurable IP lifecycle management solution.

Facilitating conversations across organisations and between people with different perspectives and incentives has always been an important part of my work. This has increased in focus since I completed a masters degree in Innovation by Design in 2014.

My capacity to communicate with all kinds of people in the corporate context, and more importantly to facilitate their interaction with each other, is reinforced by my ongoing development in Clean Coaching, Narrative Practices, Visual Facilitation and Coaching in Organisation.


Rock your transformation!

The dramatic statistics regarding digital transformation projects (typically 70% failure rate) suggest that there is room to improve our approach to these programs.

The program - Rock Your Transformation - consisting of a one-day workshop followed by monthly customized training and coaching for participants, increases the overall likelihood of success by strengthening each person's capacity to listen and understand, to communicate and find alignment, and to respect and trust one another. Ultimately this approach naturally stimulates people to take personal responsibility for their own transformation in the midst of change.

For companies undergoing digital transformation who want to help their managers to think differently, this practical workshop, based on narrative practices and the power of metaphor, allows participants to become self-aware of their own patterns and to become responsible actors at the heart of the transformation.

Finding your balance

One day workshop to help managers and teams assess their own patterns and preferences in dealing with change.

Coaching and training

Monthly follow-up coaching and training sessions for individuals and teams based on the outcomes of the workshop (eg. creativity, agility, design thinking, visual thinking).

People rocking innovation

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